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Tank & Cheyenne II's Litter D.O.B 4-11-17 Ready to Go Home 6-6-17
Tank & Zoey's Litter D.O.B. 4-18-17 Ready to Go Home 6-13-17

English Mastiffs are Great Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Home and Farm Protection, Companion Dogs, & are Gentle Giants

We have strong History of Greiner Hall, Lionhearted & Iron Hills Blood Lines

All our Farm-Family Raised English Mastiff puppies go home at 7 to 8 weeks old, House Broke and well started on about 30 Obedience Commands, Verbal w/ Hand Signals, & Come to a Whistle.

Vet Checked, Up To Date on Vaccinations. Puppies Come home with Lifetime Breeders Support!

How Do I get a Mastiff from CMA's English Mastiffs?
(317) 371-7842
Puppy Applications Taken over the phone ONLY!

We like to get to know our new prospective Mastiff family members over the phone first!.

 We DO NOT sell our babies to a text message, face book message or emails.
First notification that way, is fine, but we want human conversation instead of written application.
Thank you in advance for calling & Leaving a Message (317) 371-7842

All deposits non refundable.

Pricing & Discounts

FATHERS DAY SALE! $300.00 OFF Balance on Puppies with Deposits in before 5pm 6-13-17

Honoring Our Military & First Res-ponders with $200 OFF the Balance on a Puppy, with deposits in, any time of the year, YEAR ROUND!

Mastiffs are Proven to Help People! Consider one, for the Vet, in your family Today!



House Broke and Well started on about 30 Obedience Commands, Verbal w/ Hand Signals, & Come to a Whistle.

Keywords used here, Commands we use to Start your Puppies Training

Always use their name before the command and always end on a good note.

kennel up, free dog, no, good boy/girl, come here, here,  puppy puppy puppy or whistle, smooch to get him to come,
kisses no bites, not your toy, this is your toy, get that toy, bring it here, drop it, sit, wait, ok eat your puppy food, up, get back, go around, single file, watch out, potty outside, good boy/girl potty outside, out, go around, easy step, easy wrestle, ,friends be nice, what are you doing, get out of there, leave it,, be nice to the kitty, come inside, lets go buy buy, load up.


Puppies in this Video are Showing some of the KEY WORDS we use here, you will see Cheyenne 2 as a pup along with Zoey's last liter in training. "Junior Rosan" is the puppy skeptical of coming out of the doggy door for first time.

Puppy Info Sheet
This comes in puppy packs with puppy's current commands & vaccine records

Puppy Check List
Puppy Coming Home Preparation Check List

Feed & Water
Recommendations on feeding and giving your puppy water.

Puppy Monitoring
Monitoring your puppies health to catch issues before they get serious Recommendations.

Shipping Info
Special Criteria Must Be Met to Ship

Puppy Purchase Agreement

This is were you write in your choices for 2  parentage and 2 colors for each parentage, choices as well as a form of receipt. This document was done by an attorney and there are typos to cross out and initial. I am more concerned about conveying care in this agreement. We do not want dogs fixed before they have time to mature properly~