Planned Litters 2021

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The Last of their Kind! Get your Deposits in QUICK! Bred Pairs shown Below!       They are going fast!

We offer Solid Apricot & Fawn, Regular Apricot & Fawn Brindle's. For color verification often called slang terms.
Rare, Black Brindle's, Solid Black with metallic flecks of Apricot or Fawn &  Rare, Reverse Apricot Brindle's,as well as Reverse Fawn Brindle's.

Vet Tech, Farm, Family Raised, 8 week old pups-House Broke and well started on approximately 30 Obedience commands, verbal, hand signals, & come to a whistle Vet Checked, U.T.D. Vaccinations. 

Greiner Hall, Lionhearted, & Iron Hills Lines.

We DO NOT sell our babies to a text message, face book message or emails.
First notification that way, is fine, but we want human conversation instead of written application.
               Thank you in advance for texting so we can get into service range and respond by calling you back                                  317-371-7842, 903-539-0529

Planned Litters for 2021!

How Do I get a Mastiff from CMA's English Mastiffs?

Please Text when you have time to talk and we will get into cell phone service range and call you back    317-371-7842, 903-539-0529

Puppy Applications Taken over the phone ONLY!

We like to get to know our new prospective Mastiff family members                                  over the phone first!

Most of our puppies are reserved with deposits before they are born, by Choosing 2 sets of parents & 2 colors from each parent. Occasionally we will have pups on the ground that are available, but usually you must reserve in advance. We have all these Choices, in an effort to get you what you want. When puppy colors come in, at 3 to 4 weeks, we contact you to make your pick. Time & Date Stamp of your deposit, in the order received, pups are placed, per your parent and color choices.                                               This is as fair as we can be.


Planned Breeding Gunner & Denver

Planned Breeding 2021

Approximate Expected Go Home Time - July/Aug

Denver is Rebel & Jasmines Great Grand daughter, Cowboy & Lilly's Grand daughter, Tank & Crystal's Daughter



CMAs Gunning for Freedom




Planned Breeding Jasmine 2

Planned Breeding 2022

Approximate Expected Go Home Time - July/Aug 2022

Jasmine 2 is Gunner & Montana's Daughter. Rebel & Jasmines Great Great Grand daughter, Cowboy & Lilly's Great Grand daughter, Tank & Crystal's Grand Daughter

Planned Breeding Gunner & Gypsy

Planned Breeding 2021

Approximate Expected Go Home Time -July/Aug

Gypsy is Rebel & Jasmine's, Great Grand daughter, Cowboy & Lilly's Grand daughter, Tank & Roxy's Daughter.



CMAs Gunning for Freedom




Planned Breeding Ruby 2

Planned Breeding 2022

Approximate Expected Go Home Time - July/Aug 2022

Ruby 2 is Gunner & Montana's Daughter. Rebel & Jasmines Great Great Grand daughter, Cowboy & Lilly's Great Grand daughter, Tank & Crystal's Grand Daughter

Our Efforts to Carry on the Lines

 For the last 20 years we have had an average 1 or 2 litters a year or every other year.
This can make for long wait times for a pup, so we have Been Through Fires Floods & Tornado's to Hold onto Offspring, that can allow us, to Better Provide Families with these

Due to the increasing demand, we have managed to partner, with other Mastiff Family members, whom have the listed offspring, from some Our Greatest Mastiffs of the past, coming of breeding age. These 4th & 5th Generation Rebel & Cowboy offspring, have staggered Birth Dates so they are on a completely off the familiar/normal breeding cycle dates we have had for years, so it has been a learning experience, We plan, but its all in Gods hands. Please bare with us as we continue to try Breeding Outside Females, whom will come here for breeding, whelping and your puppies training. We pray that the Good Lord continues to Bless the females with fertility, conception, as well as whelping of healthy pups, so we can fill orders, as they come in, to enhance your family with the best possible candidates to offer unconditional love.

We Only Accept 2 deposits for each color, Per Parentage choice, based on 7 generations of predictable litter color outcomes. We do this in an effort to avoid anyone waiting long wait times, and so we are not promising something we cant produce, in a timely manner. However, we will not, over breed our females to meet your time frame. (Must have 2 years between litters) So If all females have pups this year we will not have pups for 2 years. If one of the females doesn't take the breeding, that is Gods way of staggering the pups so we have some in the spring of 2018. The idea behind breeding 2 pairs at a time, is so that if something unforeseen happens, with a mom, we have a back up mom and extra pups from the second litter to offer. We are blessed to have the opportunity to carry on the linage with some of the following Great Grand Children of Rebel.

Thank you in advance for calling to Reserve a Puppy 317-371-7842, 903-539-0529

Gypsy's Parents



CMA's Von Schiedel's Sherman Tank



CMA's Red Light Roxanne

Denver & Gypsy's Grand Parents



CMA's Von Schiedel's Rebelious Storm



CMA's Von Schiedel's Jasmine of Thor

Lillie's Parents', Zoey's Grand Parents & Great Grandparents to expected pups from Gunner & Denver

Tank's Parents







Tank's Pups, from Past Litters


Puppy Info Sheet
This comes in puppy packs with puppy's current commands & vaccine records

Feed & Water
Recommendations on feeding and giving your puppy water.

Puppy Check List
Puppy Coming Home Preparation Check List

Puppy Monitoring
Monitoring your puppies health to catch issues before they get serious Recommendations.

Shipping Info
Special Criteria Must Be Met to Ship