Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I get a Mastiff from CMA's English Mastiffs?

How Do I get a Mastiff from CMA's English Mastiffs?

Applicant calls and if I am not available due to caring for animals you leave a message, time zone & best time to call you back.

Return calls sometimes are delayed, since it is ALWAYS our first priority to keep the animals alive and in the best health, with the best care possible.

Puppy Applications Taken over the phone ONLY! (317) 371-7842

We like to get to know our new prospective Mastiff family members over the phone first!.

We DO NOT sell our babies to a text message, face book message or emails.
First notification that way, is fine, but we want human conversation instead of written application.

Thank you in advance for calling & Leaving a Message (317) 371-7842

Requirements for Approval of Puppy Ownership will be to;
Talk with us on the phone, provide, photo of puppies’ new home, inside and out, (the yard), 2 & 4 legged family members.
This is to include a photo of the home showing the address that matches your photo id, any stairs, hard wood, linoleum,
concrete or other slick/hard surfaces puppy will be exposed to. This gives us a visual of where our babies are going as well as give recommendations for environmental changes in the puppies best interest for longevity.

What does my healthy puppy come with?

LIFETIME FREE OF GENETIC DEFECT HEALTH GUARANTEE!        LIFETIME BREEDERS SUPPORT!       Well started on POTTY TRAINING, Approximately 30 OBEDIENCE COMMANDS Well Started, including Verbal Commands as well as Hand Signal Commands, also taught to Come to a Whistle. Example of “Puppy Info Sheet” from previous litter showing Keyword/ Commands, Parents, Grandparents, Vaccines and Deworming History can be seen on this link. Exposure to as many things as possible that they will encounter in their new environment "your home" The more we know about your environment, the more we can prepare puppy to make the environmental change, with as little trauma as possible.

What Training will my 8 week old puppy be Well Started on?

Training: We try to tailor their training start to the needs and future uses of the buyer. A Service Dog candidate will have different Commands and Exposure, then say a Farm & Family Protection & Companion animal might need. Therefore we teach them a foundation to start with and continue to encourage you to add to their base line. We will emphasis key commands needed for each puppy buyers needs with your help of communication.

The following Keywords/Commands are basic for all pups. Approximately 30 Verbal, Hand Signal & Come to a Whistle

Always use their name before the Command and Always END ON A GOOD NOTE.

Commands; kennel up, no, good boy/girl, come HERE puppy puppy puppy or whistle, smooch to get him to come for those who can not whistle, kisses no bites, not your toy, this is your toy, get that toy, bring it here, drop it, sit, wait, ok eat your puppy food, up, get back, watch out, potty outside, good boy potty outside, go around, easy step, easy wrestle, friends be nice, what are you doing, get out of there, be nice to the kitty, leave it, come inside, lets go buy buy, sit and wait until you say ok, to take food out of your hand or eat out of the bowl.

How Does Our Pricing Work?

Year Round Military & First Responder Discounts $200.00 OFF Balance of your puppy with deposits.

We Often Advertise Holiday Specials with a Deadline. The purpose of this is to help you get a better price and to help us meet our deadlines for Dog Food orders to buy in bulk, thus saving us money and sharing our savings with you. The dogs are priced to the exact dollar that it requires to feed the pack. No one is walking away with money in their pocket. Your puppy purchase keeps the pack alive! It keeps their power bill paid for their climate control, their feeding needs and pays for their vet care throughout the year of any given litter.

Currently Independence Day Special! Fourth of July $300.00 OFF the Balance of a Puppy if your deposit is in before 7-3-18

Normal Prices without any Specials or Military Discounts for

Regular Colors are $2500.00, Deposit $1250.00, With Discounts you can possibly get one for $2000.00

Rare Reverse Colors or Rare Black Brindle $3500.00, Deposit $1750.00, With Discounts you can possibly get one for $3000.00

Deposits to Hold your puppy, or reserve a future puppy are half down the full price and are Nonrefundable. Since all our puppies offered are healthy with excellent temperament Your choice will be based on Color and Sex per 2 parental choices and 2 color option for each Parent set.

We encourage you to open the door to pick by personality, by giving a Rare color deposit, If you choose a regular color in the end, you Do Not loose money, you just pay less in the end. If you do a regular color deposit and fall in love with a rare color, when the time comes, likely you will not have the option to upgrade to a rare color because Rare colors are usually already spoken for as it is our  highest demand in our market

Discounts come off the balance paid at puppies 6 weeks old date, along with transport fees, (to be determined per case) IF WE DELIVER.

Or at which time you PICK UP between 7 & 8 weeks of age. This has been our practice for 40 years for many reasons.

A puppy is a huge commitment & one that should not be taken lightly. A decision all parties in the home should agree upon for the best interest of the puppy

How do we determine if Regular or Rare?


All are classified AKC "Brindle" on registration.

We wait until they are about 3 weeks old, since they are born almost black and lighten as they grow. We developed slang terminology for the brindles in effort to help with clarity for our out of state, out of country buyers. This was developed years ago,in an effort to get a better idea, what our customers are visualizing they want, to put clarity to the pattern, to best please your wishes.

For our customers' clarity, we have adopted slang terminology for the Rarer Colors in an effort to provide the pattern you prefer.

Meaning if you take a Ruler to the Pattern. If the Apricot or Fawn stripes are a wider stripe then the Black, we call (SLANG) a Rare Reverse since there are very few in the world "to our knowledge". If Black and other color stripes are similar in width we call those Regulars.

If They are Solid Black with flecks as a pattern, not striping, we call them Rare Black Brindle (SLANG) again because there are only few in the world "to our knowledge". This puppy will look like the adult dog Rebel next to it.


When do I pick my puppy?

New Puppies will have photos & videos taken each week, until about 3 to 4 weeks old when we can tell what color they will be. We will then contact those of you on the waiting list with Deposits down to choose your puppy, in order of time & date stamp of the deposits. After Picks are made, if there are any left, we will open them up as AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC.


When do I get my puppy?

Expected Go Home Time for Gunner & Gypsy's litter.

If you Pick Up, you may come between  7-9-18 through 7-15-18 Keeping in mind Leaving them longer, gives them a chance to get more experience with their Obedience Commands & Potty Training.

If you want us to personally deliver. Deliveries Start 7-16-18 AT YOUR EXPENSE. Unfortunately new laws restrict multiple breeds from flying so we no longer offer shipping through airlines. Calculations will be based on $3.00 a gallon. Our vehicle gets 8 to 12 miles to the gallon. Making it necessary for a rental car to transport with better mpg. The rental car and fuel are at your expense. Our time and payment for someone to stay back and maintain other animals will also be calculated into your rate.


Our Policy Clarification!!!!

Our Policy Clarification!!!! Completed transaction is necessary to be on the waiting list to get one of our puppies, or to hold a puppy until go home time.
Let me make myself perfectly clear! If the applicant wants a puppy from us, he/she must be a verifiable proven loving home! Applicant has to comply with the purchase agreement that applicant agreed to when making their nonrefundable deposit.

When an applicant gives CMA’s a deposit, they are agreeing to the terms of the purchase agreement which is publicly posted on the web site.
Applicant may put down a deposit, but if applicant has not complied with the purchase agreement, providing the required photos and proof of who they are, with photo id showing the same address as the picture of where applicant lives with address on home or mail box, provided photos of your family, 2 and 4 legged, where our puppies will live, inside and out, you are not on the waiting list to make a selection. Telling me to go look at your Facebook is NOT complying.

Once applicant has provided the requested information, with a nonrefundable deposit, the date of the completion of the contract purchase requirements and we have received ALL of the information AGREED TO under the purchase agreement necessary for approval, then and only then, on that date, does applicant become eligible to be on the waiting list, and eligible to make a selection from available litter. These have always been our terms. Demarcation points may have been blurred in conversation or in a hurry to get deposit in on a deadline for a Special, but they have always been the same for every customer past, present and future. It is applicant's’ responsibility to comply, with their portion of the agreement, no different than our responsibility to provide you a puppy AFTER applicant has been approved & complies with purchase agreement.s.