Save CMA's Family

This page has links to, Petition to Free the Animals, GoFundMe, Photos and Videos & Documents of the case timeline & COMPLAINT FOR DAMAGES AND DEMAND FOR JURY TRIAL Thank you for your Time and Consideration.



CAROLE POPE, Plaintiff,
V. Defendants.
RHONDA JESTER, in her individual capacity;
HEATHER HAMILTON, in her individual capacity;
AMANDA DEHONEY; in her individual capacity;
JEREMY MILLER, in his individual capacity;
COUNTY SHERIFF DEPUTIES, in their individual capacities.

Thank You for Signing the Petition! Let My People Go! Exodus 9:1

We will not give up! We will fight for our rights! We will fight for our family!

We want to Thank you all, for your continued prayers, support and Signatures.

Thank you to all whom signed the petition to Free our Innocent & Previously Healthy Animals and Thank you to those whom helped with donations on the Go Fund Me, to cover one of the ransom payments and the fuel to get the animals home. $120,000.00 and 7 month later

All Animals seized with an Illegal Search Warrant, were RETURNED to CMA's 2-26-18 

All Alleged charges DISMISSED without Prejudice 2-23-18.

Thank you for your continued prayers for the animals, while in the healing process, 

After another $1500.00 for vet checks on all, the veterinarians say, those animals whom are able to recover, may take 6 to 8 months to do so.  Below shows, time line of events, as they transpired. God Bless you for your Support! God Bless Pinkus & Pinkus!

Thank you for your continued support, of sharing and donating to the GoFundMe to help with animal recovery expenses. We have to come up with several thousand more dollars for further vet bills, for those animals with a chance, for complete  recovery. Any help is very much appreciated!

Please read GoFundMe campaign, SIGN PETITION, see more detailed updates, as the case unfolds, see legal documents, photos and videos here on this page. We are trying to load, as approved, share the GoFundMe page and contribute if you can.

Dear Valued Viewer; Please first let us extend our sincerest apologies for dropping off the face of the planet. We did so, per our attorney’s advice, in an effort to preserve our lives, as well as our animal’s lives. We had to take drastic measures, after multiple death threats, months of constant recovery, from vandalism and thousands of dollars in property damages, from haters and their vandalism, we were forced to drop off grid, to run for our lives, hide from vandalism & the bullies, until things proceeded in the court of law. We were advised by attorneys; no contact what so ever, with anyone until now. You are getting the news as soon as I am getting permission to post it.

WHAT HAPPENED? 3 days after the last litter of puppies were vet checked & flown to their new owners; on 7-11-17 Authorities unlawfully seized, all our animals. The (referred to in photo albums) temporarily fostered females, back on site, for whelping, breeding or training for 7 to 10 days, put us over our supposed, county ordinances allowable numbers. This is exactly what we were trying to avoid, and the reason we spent months looking for land without restrictions in 2016, Scene in our 4 Albums labeled Journey of Faith on fb (Links to them, are pictures below). NOW PROVEN IN COURT OF LAW! NO SUCH ORDINANCE EXISTS WITH IN THE COUNTY, WE LIVED FOR 25 YEARS & FORCED OUT OF BY HANCOCK COUNTY PROSECUTORS! WE DID NOT LIVE WITH IN THE CITY LIMITS! GHAM LIED & HASSLED US SINCE THE YEAR 2000 OVER NON EXISTENT ORDINANCES. WE HAVE WORKED OFF SITE, SEASONALLY, SINCE 2000 BASED ON THE OVER REACH & LIES OF PEOPLE, WORKING FOR/AS GREENFIELD HANCOCK ANIMAL MANAGEMENT!

Please know that I will contact each of you, whom have so patiently, or not so patiently, waited for a response, or news, AFTER the first of the year, AFTER hearings, when I can better legally answer your questions and resolve any unresolved matters or issues.

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We will not give up! We will fight for our rights! We will fight for our family!

Please understand we can only post what is approved for now, to keep our case safe for the animals sake.

Please know all hateful & slanderous comments will be reported & prosecuted to the letter of the law. So if you don’t support us move on! If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. This is an informative post only

March 2016

The beginning of our efforts to save our family. Facebook Albums & Description of…

Our Journey to "Save CMA's Family" from what now has happened.

Journey of Faith Album 1

Journey of Faith Album 2

Journey of Faith Album 3

July 10th

GHAM (Greenfield Hancock Animal Management) knocked on the door, to follow up on an anonymous call and let me know, I would be sited for animals running at large, due to cats outside, on my porch. Hancock County does not allow cats outside and if your feeding them, they are considered yours as well as you will be sited for Animal Running at Large. GHAM Wanted to enter the home. I refused entry, as most of you know, Crystal was in labor, due to deliver any minute and having complications. More details to follow, coming soon

July 11th

Search Warrant 7-11-17 Issued based on an-anonymous call.

The Day They Stole our Life! click to see them tell me my rights.

July 12th

Attempts to get info from GHAM: Run around Begins, Click here to see the beginning of our nightmare unfold. All Claim in this video animals in good health and no reason to euthanize. Also claim mayor is their oversight and that both he and the governor made aware of the situation and have heard Gunners owners efforts to retrieve his dog.. Do your hear the shelll game?

July 14th

links to written requests for information

Links to information, given by animal control JULY 14th State Board of Animal Health Vets Show all Dogs & Horses in Good or Excellent Condition

August 9th

28 days later with no idea what, why, and still haven't any straight answers, I Find a warrant for my arrest was rubber banded to my mail box (show photos) If I do not go to jail I do not get a day in court to try and get animals back. I have to go to jail to get a hearing. They did not want to give me a bond and when they did finally, it was twice any other alleged criminal sitting next to me.

I was forced to turn myself in to an over crowded jail. A jail with 27 inmates in an area, the same dimensions, approx. 15' by 30', that I had 6 of our dogs in and they claim I was negligent? While visiting our local hotel, I was Deprived of medications or care for my multiple sclerosis and other health issues. Fed food I am allergic to and then released on a bond twice as much as the alleged thieves, child molesters and drug dealers next to me were able to bond out on.

August 11th

Disposition of Animals. hearing. Court grants GHAM the power to determine the disposition of the animals. They wanted $8600.00 a month and our attorney got them to compromise with $2200.00 a month bond/ransom. No visitation and no updates on condition. This amount is $1200.00 a month more than actual expenses, to care for the animals. The courts determined we must pay $2200.00 a month to keep animals alive and incarcerated until case could be heard.

August 11th

$2200.00 Ransom Paid by Carole, Notice in video at about MINUTE 4.03 to 5.20 of the video, the VERIFICATION BY HEAD OF GHAM, that the RANSOM BEING PAID TO AVOID EUTHANASIA. In addition, They claim it is not up to them, but the court gave them the authority to release them. Upon the 5.40 min i Am asked not to come back for causing a ruckus.

August Ransom Payment

(Video also shows, we were asked not to come back, for causing a rucuss.)

Sept 11th

$2200.00 Ransom Paid by Carole, Notice the complete denial and contradictions to previous visits/videos, for example one of many contradictions in video at about minutes 3.00 to 4.00 of the video, the verification by the head of GHAM, that the ransom is being paid to avoid euthanasia.

September Ransom Payment
September Ransom Payment GHAM banished us from the property a second time, because we were causing a rucus, you can see in video, the rucus I made, by asking direct questions in an attempt to get direct answers, and then clarifying I understood correctly. Police were called on us, while waiting on a receipt after paying the bond, by GHAM, we were never addressed by the police, since we were already in the vehicle when they arrived, but were followed/stalked us and kept us under surveillance thereafter, until we left the county, after closing on sale of our home Sept 30th. Our neighbor brought to our attention that he had not seen such a police presents in the area, in the 15 years he had lived next door. He said they followed me every time I left the house.

October 2nd Marshal Pinkus @ Pinkus & Pinkus Attorneys retained & Discovery granted (Documents pertaining to case released) was given to us for the first time since seizure 2 months prior. The papers 3 Months after Seizure, that finally said what I allegedly did wrong.

October 10th

Request for Jury trial granted

October 11th $2200.00

$2200.00 Ransom Paid by by Carole with a representative

November 11th

$2200.00 Ransom Paid by by Carole with a representative

November Ransom Payment
November Ransom Payment

December 11th

$2200.00 Ransom Paid by Carole with a representative

December Ransom Payment
December Ransom Payment

December 11th

Motion to suppress scheduled for hearing, granted & date set for Feb Motion for immediate release of animals hearing, granted & date set for Dec 28th

DEC 28th Deputy Prosecutor Signed Deal to Release Animals Backed Out of, taken over by another deputy prosecutor, whom claims in an email to my attorney "we will never get our animals back".

Judge Dan Marshal has taken it under advisement and will let us know his ruling.

The animals lives are in his hands.

Will he will grant their release or Will they continue to suffer?.

Jan 11th

Thank You GFM Supporters for raising January's Ransom Payment! Paid by a Representative! God Bless You!

January Ransom Payment
January Ransom Payment

Jan 16th - Motion to Release the Animals...."Denied."

Feb 9th

February Ransom Payment
February Ransom Payment

Paid by representative, by Carole Pope with Carole Pope's money. GFM donations did not make the required $4600.00 Balance to pay second bond from GFM, Balance after first $2200.00 Jan Bond Paid, is still in account. The balance left, will be working towards the total of $4600.00 needed to make the 2nd payment from GFM funds, towards the March 11th ransom payment" We are about $1200.00 Short.

Feb 8th

Current Status of the Case. The judge received the hearings requested closing briefs from, the motion to dismiss. Both sides, entered their briefs, by end of business 2-12-18. Judge Dan Marshal has taken it under advisement and will let us know his ruling.We pray, we hear, a favorable ruling soon.

Feb 20th


Order Granting Motion to Suppress


Feb 25th Horses were picked up in shopping mall parking lot.

Feb 26th Dogs were picked up from GHAM

Feb 28th

Pretrial Conference Vacated

MArch 5th Vet Checks on all animals. It appears they all need your prayers for a complete recovery. Thank you for your continued prayers.

Thank YOu & God Bless All who SIGNed the PETITION to help him make the right choice, All animals have been released into our custody 2-26-18.

Please SHARE GoFundMe and donate if you can help with the animals recovery. Vets say, 6 to 8 months minimum, special care, for those whom have the ability to recover.