RebelCMA's Von Schiedel's Rebelious Storm

Category: Breed: Gender: Chip ID: 4748094855
Height: 37"Weight: 287 lbs

Information on Rebel

Great Grand Sire, or Grand Sire  of all Puppies Available!

Rebel & Jasmine produced  Lilly. We bred Rebels' Daughters,', Lilly  to Cowboy.  We then Bred their Daughters, Roxy, Crystal Zoey,  to Tank.  Zoey is expecting puppies with Tank any day now. Their daughters coming of age, Denver & Montana are  planned to breed, for their first litters with Gunner.

Rebel & Cheyenne produced Nakita. We have planned breeding's with  Cowboy &  Nakita's Last Daughters' Chantilly 2 & Pistol 2  are planning their first litters to Gunner in the future.

Rebel & Jasmines last Daughter Cheyenne 2 is currently bred to Tank and expecting puppies.

Rebel, My personal Service Dog, Born, Raised & Trained here @ CMA's, Is the Angel sent to me, from heaven, he has saved my life on multiple occasions, when the Multiple Sclerosis graduated to phases with paralysis episodes, Rebel has caught me, from falling and carried me to my scooter.  All our critters are exposed / trained around wheel chairs, walkers or a cane, They get exposure dealing  with Disabilities in their Daily Routine,

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