CMA's Old English Mastiffs
Raising Mastiffs since 1977

CMA's offers Some of
Largest Dogs in the World w/ Original
Old English Mastiff Traits including
Heights exceeding 37"  
Huge Blocky Heads loaded
w/Intellegence to do anything asked,  
Conformationally Correct Structure as
well as, Docile Temperaments These
Gentle Giants are instinctively
Willing to Please & Protect.        

Farm-Family Raised,
House Broke and well started on
Obedience Commands, Verbal w/
Hand Signals, & Come to a Whistle
Vet Checked,Up To Date on
Vaccinations & Wormers

Greiner Hall, Lionhearted,
& Iron Hills Blood Lines

In a continued effort to produce
Quality Old English Mastiffs
that exhibit breed type,
we have imported dogs,
and worked with a small group of breeders
to compliment our breeding HOBBY,
and in following the tradition of breeding
the Healthiest Mastiffs possible.
All breeding stock are OFA certified,
or out of Certified Parents/Heritage.

We believe in our dogs, and stand behind
them with a LIFETIME Free of Genetic
Defect Health Guarantee!

Our Mastiffs Have
Great Dispositions & Intelligence for any use,
They are wonderful with kids & other critters,
Our Mastiffs have exposure to handicap
accessories, started with therapy work, obedience
off leash w/ hand signals, love to take rides in
back of truck to go to work, at the farm every day
or play fetch a stick/ball, they are housebroke,
and their favorite thing to do is runs with horses
and kids on trails.

They are quick to learn and have ancestors,
offspring & siblings Champions in Show,
Members of our US Troops,
Search & Rescue, Dog Pulling, Agility,
Home Protection, Therapy Work and
are the Best Family Companions.

Check out for the true
Mastiff Breed Standards

Rebel @ 5 Years Old
Color Slang term
Reverse Apricot Brindle
Our Family of Mastiffs
Taking a Break @ the Farm
Cowboy @ 4 Years old
Solid Apricot
Rebel, My personal Service Dog,
Raised & Trained here
@ CMA's, Is the Angel sent to
me, from heaven, he has saved
my life on multiple occasions,
when the Multiple Sclerosis
paralysis stages hit.
He carried me to my scooter.
All our critters are trained to
deal with Disabilities
in their Daily Routine.
Xena @ 4 Years old
Fawn Brindle
Pistol @ 3 Years Old
Solid Apricot
Sequoia @ 3 Years Old
Slang term Black Brindle
Festus @ 17 Months  Old
Solid Fawn
Please make sure your spouse or room
mate, is on board with your idea to get
a pup before you call me!
All Deposits are Non Refundable!
If something unforeseen happens to
the liters your deposit goes towards a
pup out of the next liter.
Nakita @ 2 Years old
Color Slang term
Reverse Apricot Brindle
Puppies Available
Born 12 -10 -2013
Roxy @ 9 Months Old
Fawn Brindle
Zoey @ 2 Years Old
Slang terms
Reverse Fawn Brindle
Crystal @ 2 Years Old
Color Slang term
Reverse Apricot Brindle
Puppies Available
Ready to go Home Now!
Tank @ 17 Months Old
Fawn Brindle/slang
term Black Brindle
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checking back.
Check out our
Face Book Page
Educational Information about the
Old English Mastiff
Check out our
Face Book Page
Educational Information about the Old
English Mastiff
CMA's Gentlemen
@ a Glance
CMA's Ladies
@ a Glance
Lilly almost 4 Years old
Fawn Brindle turned
Apricot Brindle
Tank & Crystal have 2 Reverse Apricot Brindle
Females left shown below! Marked Down!
until Jan 3rd 2014
Cowboy & Nakita
just had 9 puppies
6 boys 3 girls
CMA's Ladies of the Past
Crystal & Tank 2 females left!
Will be Reverse Apricot like Rebel!
Marked Down to $2800.00 before Jan 3rd 2014
Apricot Brindle
Slang term
Reverse Fawn
Cheyenne @ 3
Slang Term
Black Brindle